The Cards

There is nothing quite like getting real mail. I don’t mean bills of course, but an envelope with something inside that someone has crafted just personally for you (although I guess bills could still fit in that category!).

Hardly a week of this Oxford adventure has gone by without our kids receiving real mail. A woman in our church back home has had a ministry of ‘card connection’ with them, and Julie and I too have been greatly encouraged by it.

The cards are incredibly beautiful, and are crafted with such care. They have lined pages glued inside with a handwritten story relating to the picture on the front.

As you can see below, many of pictures on the front of the cards are beautiful original drawings, most often of animals. The kids absolutely love them (and so do we).

We have framed some of them around the house, so not all of them are here. And I have concealed the name of the artist. But I do trust that you will be as blessed by these as we have.

Which is your favourite?


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