Thanking WRBC! (and finding the mug…)

An Even Cooler Job…

So before being called to doctoral studies in Oxford, I had an even cooler job: I got to be a pastor amidst the great people of White Rock Baptist Church. Being a pastor isn’t easy by any stretch, but it is incredibly rewarding , as you get to work at the intersection of God, people you care about, and the biggest questions of life.

WRBC has been exceedingly generous to us in this endeavour, and we aim to do them proud.

They have not only been exceedingly generous in their financial giving, but also dedicated to a fault in their prayer support, with a number of people praying for us weekly, if not daily, as we walk out this call to Oxford. It is not too much to say that WRBC has made a concrete difference in our lives every day since we embarked on this path.

No Strings Attached

But what makes this support more amazing still is the explicit ‘no-strings-attached’ understanding that attends it. I came to faith at the age of 19 in part through the influence of WRBC, and Julie and her family have been longstanding members. We got married surrounded by our loved ones from the church in WRBC’s sanctuary. They then saw us off to Briercrest College in Saskatchewan and then, after completing that season of studies, called us back – this time with me joining the pastoral team. I served in various capacities on that team for eight years before we stepped into this present stage of doctoral studies.

Given this history, it would be understandable if WRBC’s generous support came with an “if” attached – an implicit if not explicit understanding that we would again return to minister in their midst. But WRBC has what you might call a ‘kingdom mindset.’ They haven’t construed their support with strings-attached at all. Quite the contrary. They want us to follow Jesus’ call on our lives wherever it might lead us, and are pleased as we make the impact he has for us to make, with full knowledge that it will quite likely play out in spheres beyond the reach of their local ministry.

But as you can see, though they have an effective local ministry, their impact reaches far beyond White Rock itself. It manifests itself in our lives here in the UK, and in those of many others whom WRBC supports around the world.

So high praise is due WRBC – not only for their incredibly generous support of financial giving and their crucial ministry of prayer, but no less for their right mindset – one which prizes and supports Jesus’ interests in this world, irrespective of whether they think it will immediately come back to benefit them or not.

So thank you WRBC! Thank you!

A Dream that Seemed Impossible, Built Brick by Brick

For more words of thanks from me, here from the heart of Oxford, see this video, where I get more specific on WRBC’s generous financial support:

WRBC Update Newsletters

In case you missed any of these, WRBC, here are the newsletters that  have been printed and made available to the church since we stepped onto this path through Oxford:

Nov 2013 Newsletter for WRBC

Nov 2014 Newsletter for WRBC

June 2015 Newsletter for WRBC

Feb 2017 Newsletter for WRBC

Find Oxford’s Most Infamous Mug…

Check Out the Ministry of WRBC

Catch some of the excellent preaching of Brian Louw, WRBC’s Senior Pastor Here, and check out the wider ministry of the church Here.


“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

St. Paul to the Philippians (Phil. 1:3-6)



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